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We Find water leaks

​We detect water leaks

We specialize in solving difficult home or structure problems.

 If no one else can figure it out, call us!!!!!!

We find the water leak and water intrusion
We detect the water leak and water intrusion source
We suggest how to repair the leak source or repair it
We have addressed Environmental issues since 1984

We can issue a written report

We are very good at identifying sources of odor
We can inspect damaged stucco areas and find the cause
We can waterproof homes. Painters only change the color.
We can inspect your painter's work 

We are reasonable and flexible

We love to answer questions

We have a whole host of inspection tools to help us detect leaks and water intrusions.  To the left is one of our Thermal Imaging Cameras.  It has many uses.  One of the uses is to locate water an moisture trapped in the wall. 

The Thermal Imaging Camera can not only detect a leak, but often can lead us to detecting the water leak source.  Below are what we see when using the camera.

What is a Water Intrusion Inspection

We use all our tools and experience and the history you share with us in our investigation.  Sometimes the source of the leak is hidden behind the stucco.  Our knowledge of how your home was built allows us to find a solution.

Finding the source of leaks is some what an art.  We find the source about 90% of the time on our first visit.

We will note all the defects or possible sources. Our experience tells us to seal everything that might leak.

Why use an inspector

Almost all the Owners we have met, with long term unresolved leaks, have used various subcontractors that sold the owner whatever product they offered. Subcontractors like painters or window companies work on volume. They know the % of jobs they get after giving a quote, so they try to quote enough jobs every month to keep their crews busy. They do not have the time, tools or the knowledge to diagnose a leak. An inspector with the right tools and knowledge will have the time to properly investigate the problem.

Subcontractor’s warranties are generally worthless.  If the Sub did not have enough time, tools or knowledge to find/fix the leak before you paid them they will not under warranty. If they promise you an extended warranty, run from them.

Moisture detected in a first floor bathroom ceiling caused by a leaking shower on the second floor.

The Home Experts, Inc. can address any home or structure problem.  


Moisture detected in a living room ceiling caused by an exterior wall leak

To the left is a 3 story custom home on Tampa Bay we waterproofed. The home was not lived in for 9 years.  The scaffolding is 5 stories high. 

Painters generally do not seal the key components of the home and often skimp on paint.  They view their job as making the home look good. 

Many of the water leaks and intrusions I find are due to the painter not sealing the homes components.  Consider hiring us to inspect your painters work.  New homes should be painted when they are 5 years old. 

Moisture detected in a bedroom ceiling caused by a roof leak