We specialize in solving difficult exterior and foundation leaks.

 If no one else can figure it out, call us!!!!!!

We have a whole host of inspection tools to help us detect leaks and water intrusions.  To the left is one of our Thermal Imaging Cameras.  It has many uses.  One of the uses is to locate water an moisture trapped in the wall. 

The Thermal Imaging Camera can not only detect a leak, but often can lead us to detecting the water leak source.  Below are what we see when using the camera.


Moisture detected in a bedroom ceiling caused by a roof leak

Moisture detected in a first floor bathroom ceiling caused by a leaking shower on the second floor.

What is a Water Intrusion Inspection

We use all our tools and experience and the history you share with us in our investigation.  Sometimes the source of the leak is hidden behind the stucco.  Our knowledge of how your home was built allows us to find a solution.

Finding the source of leaks is somewhat an art.  We are good at it. There are often clues.

We will note all the defects or possible sources. Our experience tells us what needs to be done for repairs. 

Concrete Slab Moisture, Inspections and Testing.

This is a common issue in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Unfortunatley we see damaged flooring several times a week.  I can determine the cause of the moisture, recommend solutions and provide Concrete Calcium Chloride Testing

Concrete slab Calcium Chloride Testing is needed to make sure the concrete slab is dry enough to install various floorings.


We can find the hardest leaks. We specialize in non-roof structure leaks. This includes walls, windows and sliding glass doors. We can help you with slab moisture.

  • ·        Water intrusion leak detection for foundations
  • ·        We are experts in non-plumbing slab moisture 
  • ·        We suggest how or repair the leak source
  • ·        We provide calcium chloride concrete moisture testing. This is done              before installing flooring.
  • ·        We can identify the source of odors
  • ·        We can inspect stucco for defects
  • ·        We love to answer questions
  • ·        We are reasonable and flexible 

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